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Headache Case

Testimony from patient Alan G., USC graduate,

resident of Encino in California

“Before visiting Dr. Zhao, I had a headache every waking minute.  Other neurologists I saw told me that chronic daily headaches were the most difficult to treat, and offered me little hope.  Visiting Dr. Zhao was like a breath of fresh air.  He was completely confident that he could help me to get better, and for the first time I felt hope.  Today I am pain-free.”

Headache Testimonials

Pain Case

Testimony from patient Joseph N, retired Lt. Col. USAF, resident of Los Angeles, California:

“Dr. Zhao, during the last twenty-plus years with chronic pain, I have experienced the normal loss of quality of life that comes with constant pain. I have always tried to fight to retain or regain that quality to life – to missed results – but my attitude has always been positive to having a highly functional quality of life.

When I came to see you this past January, I was in a rough spot. I had spent years dealing with back pain but had spent two years with debilitating neck pain and headaches from pain on both sides of my neck. As a result, my quality of life was at a nadir.

With your vast knowledge, amazing ability, rare genuine caring and attentive attitude, you went to work to help me immediately. Through our discussions....

Detox Testimonials
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