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Pain Case #01

Testimony from patient Andrew R., retired businessman,

resident of Seal Beach in California

“I suffered an infection of Herpes Zoster in my face for 4 months, which has caused severe facial pain and depression.  Dr. Zhao completely eliminated my pain within 3 weeks.  I am so happy to be able to play golf and swim again.”


Pain Case #02

Testimony from patient Ashley B., college student,

resident of Newhall in California

“I experienced severe chest pain and abdominal pain every day for 4 months, and failed treatments from multiple specialists at different facilities including UCLA Medical Center.  Dr. Zhao was the only doctor who successfully treated my condition.  I feel so thankful to him”.


Pain Case #03

Testimony from Dard L.,

a manager in Glendora of Southern California

“For the last 8 years I have been suffering with increasing pain in my legs caused by pinched nerves in my lower back and bottom. They didn’t seem to be anything I could do that would relieve the pain, especially after a long day of sitting at work. Pain relievers were ineffective to help diminish my pain and I was also beginning to experience tingling and numbness in my legs and feet.  Dr. Zhao offered a treatment program as an alternative to surgery or medication that gave me immediate and sustainable pain relief. The treatment program included routines to help me avoid doing further damage to my nerves. I highly recommend consulting with Dr. Zhao as a second opinion before any surgery or medication options are chosen.”


Pain Case #04

Testimony from patient Danette D.:

“I have suffered a severe pelvic pain for 5 years and failed 8 pelvic surgeries.  The frequent use of high dose of narcotics caused me liver dysfunction, but did not adequately relieve my pelvic pain.  Dr. Zhao successfully treats my pain by using the combination of Eastern and Western medicine. I can now return to most of my normal daily activities and I am free of narcotics use.  He is my angel!”


Pain Case #05

Testimony from Eric T., professional photographer,

resident of Claremont in California:

“Dr. Zhao’s treatment regimen of psychiatric and physical evaluation, medication and acupuncture, has succeeded in drastically reducing my depressingly chronic tension headache.  It’s a great relief!”


Pain Case #06

Testimony from Kumiko K., a traffic quality analyst,

in North Hollywood of Southern California:

“The first neurologist I went to for the numbness/tingly feeling on the left side of my body told me that ‘depression’ was causing the issue.  I knew that was not case (because I’m a very positive person overall), and came to see Dr. Zhao. He found out that the real cause of my numbness/tingly feeling was rooted in my neck, and the one injection to my neck made it all go away. Now, I’m back to training for my first marathon.”


Pain Case #07

Testimony from Nicholas K., retired policeman,

resident of Valencia in California:

“I suffered from painful urination for 1 year, and failed a few prominent doctors’ treatments.  Dr. Zhao dramatically relived my pain.  I almost forget my pain now.  I regain my confidence.”


Pain Case #08

Testimony from Nora R., housewife,

resident of Burbank in California:

“I suffered from an excruciating hip and leg pain for more than 2 yrs and was wheelchair-bound for 6 months.  I have failed multiple pain services including several pain procedures.  Dr. Zhao significantly reduced my pain within 2 weeks.  I can now walk again and return to my normal life.  I am going to tell everybody about his quality of care.”


Pain Case #09

Testimony from patient Patricia H, painter of portraits/landscapes and wood engraver,

resident of Glendale in California:

“Without Dr. Zhao, I would be in severe pain from bursitis of both hips.  I suffered with this condition for nine years.  Today I feel considerably less pain, am driving, receiving much less care, and able to continue tutoring and painting.  I am very grateful.”


Pain Case #10

Testimony from Patricio G., a nurse at Chile:

“I came to Dr. Zhao with terrible low back and leg pain.   Today I feel considerably less pain. Thank you Dr. Zhao.”


Pain Case #11

Testimony from patient Stephen L., business executive, resident of Shadow Hills in California:

“I experienced a severe eye pain for more than 2 years, failed treatments from multiple specialists at different facilities.  Dr. Zhao was the only doctor who successfully treated my condition.  He is amazing!”


Pain Case #12

Testimony from Stephne M., retired registered nurse, resident of Burbank in California:

“I suffered from an infection of Herpes Zoster 2 months ago, which has caused severe skin pain and depression.  Dr. Zhao completely eliminated my pain within 2 weeks.  I am so happy to be able to resume my routine activities and do my voluntary work again.”


Pain Case #13

Testimony from patients Walter and Mary W, parents of a doctor, residents of Burbank in California:

“Without Dr. Zhao, we would be in severe pain from our knees and low back. We have suffered from these conditions for more than 10 years.  Today we feel considerably less pain when walking.  We are very grateful for the improvement of our quality of life.”


Pain Case #14

Testimony from Gary D., a network engineer at Sherman Oaks, California:

“In late 2009, I had a car accident in which I suffered three spinal compression fractures T12, L1 and L2. After 3 epidural injections, I received about 75% reaction in back pain in less than 2 months.”


Pain Case #15

Testimony from Carlos M., a chef instructor,

in North Hollywood of Southern California:

“I have always had neck pains throughout my life resulting in headaches and extreme soreness and stiffness in the neck.  The worst part was the tingling and numbness of my right hand.  Dr. Zhao has corrected my frustrating and painful condition, and I am happily pain free.”


Pain Case #16

Testimony from Rachel R., a manager of Warner Brothers Records, resident of Lake Balboa, California:

“I was suffering from a pinched nerve pain on my back for several years. After going to treatment with Dr. Zhao I’m feeling almost 100%. I can do my daily activities now without a lot of pain.”


Pain Case #17

Testimony from patient Joseph N, retired Lt. Col. USAF, resident of Los Angeles, California:

“Dr. Zhao, during the last twenty-plus years with chronic pain, I have experienced the normal loss of quality of life that comes with constant pain. I have always tried to fight to retain or regain that quality to life – to missed results – but my attitude has always been positive to having a highly functional quality of life.

When I came to see you this past January, I was in a rough spot. I had spent years dealing with back pain but had spent two years with debilitating neck pain and headaches from pain on both sides of my neck. As a result, my quality of life was at a nadir.

With your vast knowledge, amazing ability, rare genuine caring and attentive attitude, you went to work to help me immediately. Through our discussions and judicious application of precisely placed epidurals, acupuncture and physical therapy, you were able to eliminate my headaches and reduce my back pain immediately! My wife and I are amazed at the results of your skills! Not only have you given me a higher and better level of pain control, you have given me back a higher quality of life. I am now (for the first time in twenty years) able to exercise regularly at the gym. My general health is better and I am able to travel more. My ability to control and tolerate my pain is even better.

In short, you have given me hope of having a higher quality of life.

I am humbled by your abilities and thankful that I have you on my health care team. I also must thank your staff for their assistance and genuine caring attitudes.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the help you are giving me in controlling my chronic pain. Life just continues to get better!!!”

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