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2020 Covid-19 Donations

February 2020

When the pandemic first broke out in Wuhan, China, Dr. Zhao was contacted by his alumni group to help.
Dr. Zhao was able to gather 2000 3M N95 masks to provide for front line workers in China.


March 2020

Masks were donated to our neighbors at the San Gabriel Medical Valley Center.
Dr. Zhao designated his donation to their Emergency room department to ensure their
staff have enough protective gear to help with the influx of potential Covid-19 patients.

April 2020

Surgical masks and face shields were donated to local senior homes and rehabilitation centers.
The supplies were given to the staff and residents of the centers to keep them safe.

Donations to:
– Mainstream Health Center
– Ivy Creek Healthcare Center
– Arcadia Healthcare Center
– The Piedmont Senior Apt
– Live Oak Rehabilitation Center
– Monrovia Garden Healthcare Center
– Elmcrest Care Center

Our efforts continued on to the homeless and low income communities.

Through the help of our friends, Mei and Bill, we were able to have our supplies reach those in need.

Thank you to Annika and Donovan for coming out and picking up the donation. These supplies will help those risking their daily health in the Coachella Valley, CA.

September 2020

We received an update from the team at IMAHelps that our donations back in May have been distributed to migrant workers and Coachella Valley Rescue Center, a homeless relief center. Thank you for to the people who are still working hard to get supplies
to those in need and doing such an amazing job.


2019 Bhutang Medical Mission

Thanks to the help of my two Bhutanese interpreters, Sherab and Dophu. Without them, I would not be able to do a good job during his medical mission.

2019 Paraguay Medical Mission

Near Asuncion, the capital city of Paraguay, many people are forced to leave their homes at the river bank and live in temporary board rooms at the river bank. Due to the river water flood, they are facing the life challenges of lack of food and healthcare support.


The Asuncion branch of Tzu-Chi foundation, a world known Taiwan based non-profit organization, has continued to send out volunteers to check on the people that are suffering from the water floods. The organization prepares prompt food support for the people of Asuncion. A small medical team from the IMAHELPS, also goes to deliver medical support for those in desperate need.


IMAHELPS is a renowned California based non-profit medical organization with a long history and high working efficiency. It has benefited over 6,800 patients in Paraguay last year with a worth of $5.3 million US dollars.


This year, the organization once again recruited many experts from: surgery, OBGYN, pain management, internal medicine, family practice, pediatrics, dental, pharmacy and acupuncture, etc. They gathered at the Hospital General of De Luque, to deliver a 10 day (7/25-8/04) healthcare mission to the local people of Asuncion. Medical training was also given to the local doctors.


In this mission, at least 6,500 patients were treated. The medical economic worth will be analyzed and released later.

Exchange of medical knowledge is not limited by country borders. It is so much fun to share the helpful technology of medicine.

A total of 13 doctors were trained intensively for common pain diagnosis and injection techniques. Doctors being trained included: Luque hospital chief, hospital neurosurgeon, internist and OBGYN doctor from Tzu-Chi foundation.

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