Pain case #18

Pain case #18

Testimony from patient Joseph N, retired Lt. Col. USAF, resident of Los Angeles, California:

“Dr. Zhao, during the last twenty-plus years with chronic pain, I have experienced the normal loss of quality of life that comes with constant pain. I have always tried to fight to retain or regain that quality to life – to missed results – but my attitude has always been positive to having a highly functional quality of life.

When I came to see you this past January, I was in a rough spot. I had spent years dealing with back pain but had spent two years with debilitating neck pain and headaches from pain on both sides of my neck. As a result, my quality of life was at a nadir.

With your vast knowledge, amazing ability, rare genuine caring and attentive attitude, you went to work to help me immediately. Through our discussions and judicious application of precisely placed epidurals, acupuncture and physical therapy, you were able to eliminate my headaches and reduce my back pain immediately! My wife and I are amazed at the results of your skills! Not only have you given me a higher and better level of pain control, you have given me back a higher quality of life. I am now (for the first time in twenty years) able to exercise regularly at the gym. My general health is better and I am able to travel more. My ability to control and tolerate my pain is even better.

In short, you have given me hope of having a higher quality of life.

I am humbled by your abilities and thankful that I have you on my health care team. I also must thank your staff for their assistance and genuine caring attitudes.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the help you are giving me in controlling my chronic pain. Life just continues to get better!!!”